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Dewdrops Real Time Workshop plus Editing December 10-11 2018 250.00


My first real time workshop was a huge success and has helped hundreds of photographers but that was almost 2 years ago! It's time for a revamp with new poses including technique, wrapping techniques, parent poses, lighting instruction and more! PLUS, you will receive a brand new editing video.
This live event will include all of my popular beanbag poses, prop shots including wrapped prop shots and various parent poses.

December 10-11 9am-1pm CST
**This is a pre workshop price! Price will go up after workshop.**
You do not have to be live to be able to watch the live videos in the group at a later time.
You will be added to the group after payment is completed. You will be able to watch the video in the group. Q & A (pertaining to whats covered in the video) is available to you in the group.
**Absolutely no refunds for this event AND sharing is prohibited by law.**
This event is not for those who are teaching newborn photography in any way.

“I’m where I’m at today because of your videos. They have been so helpful. You’re truly an amazing teacher and artist, and I’m so thankful for all of your help!”
Nicole Dehoff

“I tried for a while to be a self-taught newborn photographer. I did research online, watched YouTube videos, read blogs, etc., but I just couldn’t get where I wanted to be. Clients would leave and the tears of frustration would fall! So I decided to invest in an online workshop and it’s by far the best thing I’ve done for my career! Seeing Amy work her magic is priceless! I was able to use what I learned immediately and I get better with every session! I rewatch the videos before every session. I have more confidence than ever and because of what I’ve learned from Amy I know I CAN do this! My only regret was that I didn’t do it sooner!”
Rachel Oldenburg

“Your videos have given me a huge confidence boost; Especially with session workflow. I literally learn something everytime I watch them (usually once a week.)”

I can’t wait for my 2:1 with you! 😬”
Emili Fowler

“I watched the real-time workshop several times, I took a one-on-one one in person mentoring with Amy for two days, AND I am still finding some small nuances every time I rewatch one part or another. To have an access like this is priceless if you are really serious about excelling in newborn photography. The fact that Amy has a great sense of humor and personal charm does not herm either.”
Anna Aslund

Your invite to the group will be sent to the email address you used to pay with.