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Dewdrops Florence Italy September 12 2019 **deposit only**


Dewdrops workshops are the next step in becoming a more confident and efficient newborn photographer. If you need to improve on your posing, lighting, editing, angles or you just need to refresh your current workflow then Amy's course has proven to do just that.

You will learn all about studio lighting and a little natural light (when available) camera settings, white balance for best skin tones, exposure and how to get the best images straight out of camera. You will watch Amy as she safely poses newborns during the beanbag workflow, prop shots, wrapping and parent shots.

Bring your cameras because you will also be shooting each pose and learn all about angles!

She will edit 2-3 newborn images start to finish and have an open Q&A discussion time over lunch.

You will be able to use all the images you take for your portfolio.

Workshop total is 900.00
Total after deposit is 600.00
Due one month before the workshop. After deposit payment plans are accepted.

Limited to 8 students

9:00 Meet and Greet

9:15-12:30 beanbag workflow

12:30-1:30 Lunch and editing

1:30-5:00 Prop, wrapping and parent shots Q&A

In person workshops and mentoring is for those who do not currently teach newborn photography and there is a one year non-compete contract.


I recently had the privilege of attending a workshop with the amazing Amy of Dewdrops Photography. Amy held nothing back and answered all my questions, no matter what. She was down-to-earth and easy going and kept the environment laid back and fun the whole day. I was able to learn so much by observing her, sometimes hovering right over her shoulder, but she didn’t mind, she just kept right along showing me how she works her magic. I was amazed by her confidence with handling not only the precious babies, but with the parents.

Amy is an amazing mentor. And not only that, but she is willing to still answer my questions even after the workshop to help me to be the best photographer I can be. I just hope I can make her proud.

I have met other photographers in the past who let the success of their business get to their head, but not Amy. She was so humble and sweet and treated me like we had known each other forever even though minutes before we were strangers. She truly is the best and I am so honored that I was able to work with her and that she saw enough potential in me to allow me to learn from her.

I promise, you will not be disappointed with Amy and her workshops. She is superb!

Thank you Amy for an amazing weekend and for teaching me everything and anything you could! Much love sister!

Naomi Lineberry

Your workshop was absolutely inspiring and amazing. There is so much love and talent that go into each and every beautiful picture. I am beyond blown away and in awe of you. You are just incredible with those sweet little ones. Thank you so much for everything. I loved meeting you.

Amy, I cannot thank you enough for what you taught me at the workshop. I am so happy with the way my sessions have been turning out…especially on the beanbag poses. Using studio light has made such a tremendous difference in the outcome of my photos. I cannot wait to continue to learn and develop my new skills. Taking your workshop was by far the best investment I could have made at this point in my career. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I only wish I would have done it sooner!!

Amy’s workshop is absolutely incredible and taking it was one the best decisions I made in my photography career! I had been struggling with newborn poses and angles and finished every newborn session feeling frustrated. Amy not only showed us step by step how to create beautiful images from camera settings, props, set up, posing, angle, lighting and editing -but also gave us tons of opportunity to practice and continuous feedback!!!
It was so inspirational and enlightening leaning from her! And now I feel so much more confident in my work!!! I absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn to perfect the art of photographing newborns!!! Livia Debonet